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Mar 01

10 Real Estate Blogs You Should Read


Real Estate News Roundup!

Welcome to the first installment of the Rainier Title news roundup. Twice a month, we'll bring you the best in real estate news, information and other helpful bits of information that will help you build your business and stay ahead of the curve. This week I thought it would be good to kick things off with the top 10 real estate blogs from around the web. We aren't affiliated with any of these blogs, but they sure do provide some really good content that every real estate professional should know about. If I missed any, let me know in the comments!

10 Real Estate Blogs You Should Read

In no particular order, here they are:
  1. Bigger Pockets - This blog covers a wide range of topics touching on just about every question that a Real Estate Agent could have. Posts have titles such as, "What is the best interior paint for Landlords and House Flippers?" to "Never (Ever!) offer a Distressed Seller This..." and finally, "How to Start Investing in Real Estate at a Young Age". And best of all, with this blog you're getting the perspective of over a dozen people. It's a must follow.
  2. RISMedia - This blog touts itself as "The Leader in Real Estate Information Systems" and they definitely do their best to back up their claim. One thing that really makes this blog standout from the rest is the fact that they have their own TV show. Yes, Real Estate TV. Perfect for folks who don't like to read!
  3. The Real Estate Bloggers - This blog is all about the latest news, trends and marketing information. Don't let the word trends scare you away. These guys are bringing the freshest real estate news out there. Like this post on a man that was swallowed by a sinkhole while sleeping...
  4. The Real Estate Tomato - Jim Cronin has worked hard to help thousands of realtors develop a superior online presence that enhances their businesses. This blog is one of the ways he does that. And, the proof is in the pudding, he has over seven thousand twitter followers. The Real Estate Tomato blog strives to develop real estate agents into proficient bloggers, so if you're looking to get started online, or get better about your blogging, this is the place to start.
  5. Inman News - Most of you have heard of Inman News by now. They're one of the industry thought leaders when it comes to just about everything real estate. One thing I appreciate is their focus on the use of technology and the amount of data they often gather for their articles and conferences.
  6. Trulia - This is another industry leader when it comes to the real estate industry. If you haven't seen their blog though, you really need to check it out and subscribe. One immaediate takeaway you can get from reading their blog is to see how to use a blog to target very specific people and instances. This post on finding an apartment in Manhattan is a good example.
  7. Zillow - Here is another great example for agents to get a lot of good information from industry leaders and see how they are using technology to sell homes. This recent post on "A Guide to Sublet Etiquette" seems quirky at first, but it could come in handy.
  8. Houselogic - This blog is great because it covers everything from helping people get organized, to green living and taxes and financing. There's so much here, you could spend days reading it all.
  9. Paper Money - If you get excited when Excel opens up and dream in charts and graphs, this blog is for you my friend! It's primarily focused on the US Real Estate Bubble, but the amount of information they provide to each blog post is astounding! Get caught up on where the housing market sits in this blog.
  10. Realtor.com - Last, but certainly not least is Realtor.com. They've got all kinds of topics they cover from celebrity houses that make people on Cribs look poor to trends in home decor. My favorite is their article on Michal Jordan turning 50 and buying himself a mansion. A lot of the 12,000 square feet is hardwood flooring. Do you think he's allowed to play basketball in the house?
Well, that's it for the roundup! Hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend and let us know what your favorite blog is in the comments!
*Photo courtesy dcosand on Flickr.
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