The Mountain is always there for you

More than a title & escrow company, we are a powerful and established resource for real estate in our community.

Fulfilling dreams of real estate ownership in the Pacific Northwest for decades.

Who We Are

Rainier Title has been a trusted member of the Pacific Northwest real estate community for over 30 years.

With the strength of national underwriters and a local heart, we are proud to serve our community as a resource for real estate.

Just like the mountain that bears our name, we are there for our community through clear and cloudy days.

The strength of our company is the conviction of our people.

What We Do

Insuring the past to secure the future.

Backed by national underwriters and utilizing cutting-edge technology, we provide something no other title and escrow company can, the solidity of our services and a real presence in our community.

We build trust one transaction at a time



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Work with us


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Fulfilling dreams


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Our Promise

For many of us, buying our home is the largest single financial transaction we will ever make.

At Rainier Title we are committed to making your experience complete and carefree.

We bring our years of expertise and our commitment to every transaction.  You are not alone, In fact, there’s a mountain behind you.


Superior Service


Online Transaction Tracking


Proactive, Preventative Protection for your transaction

When you work with us, the mountain is always out.


Mobile Earnest Money Deposit – Zoccam Hey guys how's it going Mitch Parfitt here with Rainier title I just wanted to talk to you about a game-changer in thereal estate industry, Zoccam, a virtual courier application that allows agents to process earnest money checks via ...
Remote Online Notary

What is a (R.O.N.) Remote Online Notary?

A remote online notary is a notary who uses audio-visual technology and the internet to notarize client’s important documents instead of appearing face to face with their client. Remote, or online notarization, allows anyone to connect with an authorized notary ...
ZOCCAM New Technology That Gives Real Estate Agents a Better Closing Experience

ZOCCAM, New Technology That Gives Real Estate Agents a Better Closing Experience

Rainier Title is proud to offer ZOCCAM, powerful technology in a safe and simple to use App. A virtual courier for our agents; ZOCCAM will help provide our customers with a smooth, state of the art, secure closing experience. The ...
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