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By the Numbers


Last year, we assisted over 6000 transactions —$50 million in value.

But our true success lies in a whole other set of numbers.

  • We saved our customers over 6 million dollars from Wire Fraud.
  • We helped 1200 young families purchase their first home.
  • We helped 1300 seniors build retirement funds.
  • We watched 346 dogs play in their new backyards.
  • We witnessed 10 thousand tears of JOY from the faces of new homeowners.

Our victory comes from helping our customers achieve their dreams of home ownership. 

Those are the numbers that truly matter to us.


More than a Title Company

  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable
  • 100% Satisfaction

We are Rainier, a trusted partner in the Pacific Northwest, building trust one transaction at a time. We pledge to perform an exceptional experience. We are the difference. 

The strength of our company is in the conviction of our people.

Rainier’s team of accomplished experts are knowledgeable and versed, with over 400 years of combined Title and Escrow expertise.

Strength + Technology + Heart

We are more than a transaction, a website or app. We live and work in the community, building real relationships for generations. Many companies say they care. We care to prove it. 

From late night phone calls with anxious clients, to personal visits when the unthinkable happens, our clients know they can count on us.

Sometimes, all the technology in the world cannot replace a simple human gesture like picking up the phone and reaching out to those that need our help. 

The strength of our company is in the relationship we’ve built with every client, every interaction.  We at Rainier are always there for you.

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