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Wire Fraud continues to remain one of the most organized cybercrimes involving real estate. Scammers are sophisticated at hacking emails and mimicking a company’s email address, letterhead and documentation. This alert is to educate and protect our clients.

 If you are required to bring funds to close and choose to wire, you must verify our bank account information via telephone directly with a member of your closing team. When verifying our wire instructions, you should use contact information provided to you form a trusted and independent source, such as Rainier Title’s website, the first page of your settlement statement, by internet search or a previously verified telephone number. We are not responsible for any wires sent by you to an incorrect bank account.

 We send our wire instructions in the beginning of the transaction and they will not change. If you receive revised wire instructions for Rainier Title, you should consider it an attempt of fraud and immediately call your closing team.

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