How to Avoid Wire Fraud

Hi, this is Chris Hall with Rainier title and today
I’d like to speak with you a little bit about wire fraud
Wire fraud is one of those things that has affected the real estate industry for a number of years and yet it is easily avoidable
We at Rainer Title want to ensure that your client has the best possible transaction so early on
Make sure that your clients verify the correct email address and phone number of the escrow closure and escrow closing team
They will be working with this is vitally important because hackers that are monitoring email communications
Will interject and send an email at key points in the transaction changing the wiring instructions
The client whenever they receive wiring instructions should always pick up the phone and call the individual they know to be their escrow closure and verifying these wiring instructions over the phone this allows them to make sure and send monies to the correct individual correct account and make sure there are no problems with their Transaction moving forward we at Rainier title always want to protect your clients
So we will do the same and verify wiring instructions from buyers and sellers
We are dealing with another simple tip to avoid wire fraud is
Instead of replying to an email you receive from the escrow closer
Hit the forward button and then manually type in that email address you have verified to be correct
This allows you to communicate with the individual you should be communicating with
If you want to avoid wiring funds altogether we at Rainier title can pick up a check directly
from buyers and sellers as well as when a seller needs their Proceeds we can have it ready in cheque form for them to pick up at any one of our Rainier title and escrow Locations if you have any additional questions about wire fraud and helpful tips on how to avoid it
Please contact us directly. We are here to help the mount is always there for you. Thanks and have a great day

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