Mobile Earnest Money Deposit – Zoccam

Hey guys how’s it going Mitch Parfitt here with Rainier title I just wanted to talk to you about a game-changer in the
real estate industry, Zoccam, a virtual courier application that allows agents to process earnest money checks via mobile remote deposit capture technology. Something very similar you may have already utilize with your current bank when it comes to depositing checks now brought to the real estate world.

The best thing about Zoccam is it takes the security risk out of the transaction. Eliminating fraud for the buyer, seller, agent, and broker. The application does not contain or hold any financial information. The check is encrypted from capture to delivery. Five to six quick easy steps from download to check capture from your phone. And right now with everything that we have going out there in the world we need tools like this more than ever to stay safe stay healthy and continue to grow your business.

I would love to work with you and I’d love to give you more information on this amazing application

Rainier Title
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