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Our top-notch team of Property Information Specialists performs meticulous searches of public records to find the information you need. Our focus is to provide effective information, in an easy-to-use format as quickly as possible. We will find the information so you can concentrate on your clients and growing your business.

Listing Resources

  • Listing Package (FREE) - last recorded deed, property profile & parcel map (automatic).
  • Active deeds of trust, active CC&R’s and property tax information (upon request).
  • Property Profile is a single page description of the subject property characteristics (can be ordered separate from Listing Pkg).
  • Plat Map is a Metroscan map of subject property (can be ordered separate from Listing Pkg).
  • Last Recorded Deed with legal description (can be ordered separate from Listing Pkg).
  • Recorded Documents for showing specific information. Note that not all easements and surveys are recorded and therefore may not be available (can be ordered separate from Listing Pkg. Deeds of Trust are Free, but other recorded documents are $3/each).
  • Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are regulations attached to a specific property.

Elite Listing Package ($4/listing) – a listing package with sales comparables and two aerial photos (if available).

  • Comparable Sales are recently sold properties with comparable characteristics to the subject property (can be ordered separate from Elite Listing Plg for $2/listing).
  • Aerial Photo of area around subject property (not all areas have aerials available and can be ordered separate from Elite Listing Plg for $2/listing).

City Information Page - local utilities and other important information for the closest city to your listing.

Seller & Buyer Resource Guides - help your clients understand what to expect throughout their transaction.


Market Analysis Report ($2/area) - statistical breakdown of the activity within a defined area. This report shows the neighborhood turnover rate, average sales prices & sales patterns.

Resale Report ($2/county) - sales statistics compared to last year by zip code and city.


We can target homes with in a particular geographic region filtering with any number of structural characteristic (bedrooms, size, years owned, owner occupied, etc…). From closest 50 neighbors, to owners with in a condo complex, to homeowners purchased 5-10 years prior. Please inquire about specifics and options.

We can develop a farm to pinpoint target marketing for your specific listing or home sold. Targeting potential homeowners or renters that are good candidates to advertise your listing. Typical parameters include, SFR, OO, owned 7-10 years, slightly smaller home (than your listing) with in a specific radius, or area. Please inquire about specific search filters.

Using our database we can target potential refinance candidates. You can focus your marketing based upon an individual's specific loans. Typical search criteria such as, Loan Type ( VA, FHA etc ), loan amount, interest rate, lender, and loan origination date. Search filters can be match most loan criteria. Phone numbers available.

Marketing Tools

Homebook ($15) - a professional presentation binder with important information for prospective buyers:

  • listing package with aerial photos
  • community information, including local schools, utilities and business information
  • transaction information vital to the completion of your paperwork, such as the title commitment and seller disclosure statements (form 17)
  • tent cards for visitor information/courtesy
  • visitor sign-in sheet and agent comment cards

Potential Buyers List/Labels ($2/Excel list) - show your clients you are a confident advocate who is promoting their home to targeted prospects who are most likely to be potential buyers of their home.

Property Information Requests

  • ** A Customer Service Representative will contact you regarding payment information **

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