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Property Records Information

County websites are powerful tools for accessing real property information. Here are the links to the major property search engines within King County.

King County Parcel Viewer & Property Reports

The King County Parcel Viewer will pull a plat map by:

a) property address

b) parcel/account number

c) intersection.

Once the map is in view, look to the lower left hand of the page. If additional property reports are available, they will be listed in the lower left hand section
of the page. The additional reports are:

a) property report

b) districts report

c) DDES permits.

eReal Property>

If they are available, click on the word "available”
and the system will generate the report.

King County Property Tax Information System 

This is the official tax information website for King County. The 10 or 12 digit parcel/account number is required to pull the tax report for a property
located in King County.

Tax Information System >

King County Recorded Documents 

This page includes search options for:

a) official public records

b) land records

c) marriage records.

Official public records include all publicly accessible documents recorded
by the Recorder’s office and may include deeds, mortgage documents,
easements, assumed names, powers of attorney, bills of sale and liens.

Recording Documents>

King County Property Research

This search engine is a function of the King County Department of Development and Environmental Services. The site includes zoning information, annexation and incorporation activity, GIS mapping and land use.

Property Research>

King County Permit Information

This is the official permit information site provided by the King County
Department of Development and Environmental Services.

Permit Information>

King County Development & Environmental Services

Customer information bulletins are posted to this site containing information
on building, land-use, financial and general services

Development & Environmental Services>

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