What is Escrow?

We understand real estate transactions are complicated
And nestled somewhere among the many moving parts of a real estate transaction is one of the least understood parts- escrow
Simply put escrow provides one central place where all transaction funds and documents are deposited
That’s where we come in
We are a rainier title in escrow and like the mountain that airs our name we are always there for you
Here is why our escrow closing team is indispensable for your transaction
This is Melanie, a Rainier escrow rep. She is a neutral third party who represents the buyer and the seller
She’s kind of like a school recess teacher, an impartial person who looks out for both sides
Her sole purpose is to close a real estate transaction according to the parties instructions
That’s it at Rainier we excel at making a complicated process look easy
We can’t guarantee that life won’t bring problems
But we can guarantee that a problem should arise we’ll be there and if you want to work with Rainier, it’s simple. It’s your choice
If you’re a seller just tell your agent when you list
And if you’re a buyer asked for us by name when your agent is writing up the agreement
Rainier title and escrow the mountain is always there for you

Rainier Title
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