What is Title?

For many of us buying a home is the largest single financial transaction we will ever make
Which makes the peace of mind title insurance offers very compelling. What is title insurance?
When you buy real estate, you’re not just buying the assets
But also the liabilities associated with the property. At Rainier title and escrow
We like to think of it this way, title insurance ensures the past to protect the future
Title insurance protects buyers of real estate and mortgage lenders against monetary loss from defective titles liens and other encumbrances
At Rainier title, we are committed to making your title experience complete and carefree
Rainier’s team of knowledgeable experts have over 400 years of combined title and escrow expertise
We bring our years of expertise and our commitment to every transaction. You’re not alone
In fact, there’s a mountain behind you
We’re backed by three national underwriters and utilize cutting-edge technology. We provide something no other title company can
The strength of our service and a real presence in our community. Like the mountain that bears our name, we are always there
We are locally owned and operated and here’s why that’s important. Time critical decisions are made locally
which can make all the difference in the world when it really counts. Our title plant, a
significant investment by Rainier, is local. The plant is an immense collection of all documents that may impact the title to real estate
including files documents maps plats deeds and historical records filed with courts and tax authorities
our title examiners are local not outsourced and they bring a local understanding of the
Complexities unique properties in the northwest. They also know every nook of our title plant
We work here. We live here to put down roots here. So we understand the frustration having a transaction go off track
That’s why we offer online transaction tracking proactive prevented to protection for your transaction. It’s all about building trust
one transaction at a time. Title insurance from Rainier title and escrow. When you work with us. The mountain is always out

Rainier Title
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