ZOCCAM, New Technology That Gives Real Estate Agents a Better Closing Experience

ZOCCAM New Technology That Gives Real Estate Agents a Better Closing Experience

Rainier Title is proud to offer ZOCCAM, powerful technology in a safe and simple to use App. A virtual courier for our agents; ZOCCAM will help provide our customers with a smooth, state of the art, secure closing experience.

The easy to use App allows agents to send earnest money securely. It has enhanced features in development that will share documents, verify identity, open title orders along with contract execution, and get it all to us at the click of a button. All parties receive proof of delivery instantly, including deposits and contracts that are ready after business hours. ZOCCAM works on iPhones and Android, as well as tablets.

Everything is organized and easy to find. Along with the deposit, Rainier Title receives: 

  • Buyer and seller names
  • Property address 
  • Check amount
  • Listing agent name and email
  • Buyer’s agent name, email and license number

Being able to do everything electronically frees up time, decreases liability, and cuts down on costs. Electronic earnest money deposits eliminate the need for wiring instructions, creating a more secure payment process, and reducing the fees associated with wire transfers. Our realtor clients will no longer have to deliver earnest money checks manually. Realtors gain greater peace of mind with, not only a decrease in liability but also a decrease in personal expenses. Eliminating courier fees is another savings that will be enjoyed by their clients, giving their buyers a better overall home buying experience.

We know our agents and their clients will benefit significantly from ZOCCAM’s technology. It takes the security risks out of transactions and eliminates potential fraud for all involved. The App is free to our customers and includes App support.

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